Reece’s Story

One word to describe him: Kind

Reece loves anything red (fire trucks, especially), trains, things that spin, music and dancing, and Doritos. He loves doing things – playing on the iPad, playing games with water, watching Disney movies, listening to books in the car, going to fairs and riding all the rides (no fear), and participating in miracle league baseball, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, bowling and anything else active and fun. When he grows up, Reece wants to be a fireman and a train conductor and a physical therapist.

Reece’s mom dreams that he will always be happy and content, that he finds his purpose in life, and that he continues to strive to better himself every day. For their family, inclusion is extremely important. It means that they get the same chances as everyone else to do the same things that everyone else does. It means they get to be a part of everything.

For them, empowerment comes from receiving the support, accommodations and confidence from others that is needed for them to be able to be included in everything. Last spring, Reece said his first unprompted, spontaneous, full sentence to his best friend. His mom states that he feels empowered every time he comes to Easterseals.

With Reece’s gentle and kind personality, and a smile that could light up the night sky, his presence never goes unnoticed.

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