Brian’s Story

One word to describe him: Joyful

Brian is a fun, easy-going little boy. His almost five-year-old self loves Candy Land, playing in the sandbox, and anything that “goes” (think cars, airplanes, boats and tractors). If you ask Brian his goals for the future, he will say he wants to be big enough to drive “all by Bri-self.”

For his future, his parents want the same things they have always prayed for – for him to be happy, healthy, and smart. In their family, inclusion means that every child gets the same chance and opportunity regardless of the outcome. Currently, they are experiencing this through their preschool. In Brian’s school, children with disabilities or delays and children who are typically developing share a classroom. This helps Brian learn from and copy his peers, and helps the other kids in his classroom learn that even if there is a classmate with a disability or delay, they are really just the same. They want to play and learn – it just might be in a different way.

Brian feels empowerment when he is able to do something all by himself. He likes to say that he is a big boy! Brian can do almost anything – it just may take longer and more practice compared to his friends and cousins. Recently, he gained a huge step in his quest for independence when he was able to take off and put on his shoes.

Brian works hard to learn and do new things, and the confidence he is learning now will propel him into a happy and independent future.

100% Included. 100% Empowered.

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