Casiana’s Story

Casiana is a true princess.

She loves singing and dancing along to music, and anything and everything Moana. She is working on her words, and being gentle and kind. She loves playing with her sister and her mom, and participating in pagaents with her best friend, Harper.

Casiana is working hard and achieveing milestones every day. Her mom, Heather, states that Casiana has recently started expressing her wants and needs with more words, and has also started to take herself to her sensory area and self soothe.

Casiana’s involvement with pageants began when her grandma found an ad for a pageant service on Facebook. Since then, she has been a part of multiple pageants, and even qualified for state, where she will be competing in the 2-5 year age bracket.

For Casiana, pageants are fun because she gets to dance, do gymnastics, wear beautiful princess dresses (her favorite part), and spend time with her best friend, Harper!

“Her smile is my favorite part of seeing her in a pageant,” said Heather. “Last time during the dance portion she really just ran around on stage… It’s not about winning, as long as she’s having fun.”

Casiana’s smile could light up even the darkest room. The hard work she has shown through her pageantry, and her occupational therapy at Easterseals, prove that this girl will move mountains.

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