Molly’s Story

One word to describe her: silly.

Molly is a social butterfly. She loves playing pretend with her sister, spending time outside, reading books, and creating things with Play-Doh and kinetic sand.

Molly’s parents encourage her to always be herself, and give 100% effort in every challenge she encounters. Prior to having corrective foot surgery Molly often gave up and would put up a fight when playing outside or with peers. She was unable to keep up and typically in pain. Molly would happily play for 10-15 mins before needing to stop. Looking back she was very unhappy and not who she is today.

Molly’s family lives by the mantra that you can never succeed if you don’t try. After her foot surgery, Molly experienced several milestones. She learned to walk for the second time before her 3rd birthday, learned to jump, and graduated from her braces. Her family encourages her to find empowerment by always doing her best, and always trying to do the hard things.

Molly’s determination and hard-working spirit allow her to reach goals every single day.

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