Payton’s Story

One word to describe him: Fantastic

Payton is a seeker of adventure. For fun, he hunts, rides his golf cart around his family’s property, is an avid gamer on his PlayStation, and takes in as much baseball as he can (the St. Louis Cardinals, of course!). Payton’s dream career is to be a baseball player.

To Payton’s parents, the word inclusion cannot be defined. Their family leads their lives by understanding that we are all who we are. For his mom and dad, empowerment comes from knowing that there are 250 people like Payton in this world, and that God has chosen them to be his parents. His mom states that this is their life’s purpose.

For Payton, empowerment came in the form of a thundering gymnasium filled with his peers celebrating one of his accomplishments. As a lifelong sports fan, Payton always wanted to be a Limestone Rocket. Until his school started participating in Unified P.E., Payton had to sit on the sidelines. During a half time performance at a basketball game, Payton got out of his wheelchair, made a basket, and felt the entire student body get on their feet and cheer for him.

Payton is a champion, and will continue to do big things.

100% Included. 100% Empowered.

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