Jacob’s Story

One word to describe him: Super Hero

Jacob loves adventure. He enjoys swimming, going down water slides, riding his bike, spending time at the park, going on ATV rides, dancing, and playing with cars, trains and trucks.  He is also creative and likes going to children’s museums, doing puzzles, singing and playing games like Hungry, Hungry Hippo.  Most especially, he loves munching on his favorite snack – cheese balls.

It is the dream of Jacob’s family that he is always celebrated for who he is.  Regardless of his abilities, disabilities, or health care needs, they want him to be included, respected, appreciated and given as much opportunity as any other child.  For his family, being empowered comes from knowing your individual strengths and not being afraid to embrace them.  Empowerment means being in control of your life, aware of your capabilities, and ready to achieve even your biggest dreams.

Jacob has achieved so much already, but one of the biggest milestones occurred the day Jacob rode his tricycle on his own. His mom states that the smile on his face took their breath away.  With a lovable and determined spirit, Jacob will peddle his way to a bright future.

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