Noah’s Story

One word to describe him: Happy

Noah loves to draw. More specifically, he likes to have someone draw while he helps. He loves seek and find books, and his favorite hobby is swimming.

To his dad, inclusion means being accepted and having challenges that individuals face be recognized, but not stop them from joining in. This is important, as for their family, empowerment means being able to make choices independently. More than anything, they want Noah to remain happy and safe.

Noah’s dad states that the first time he saw Noah walk down their stairs to get a toy was both scary and exciting. Noah didn’t wait for help – instead, he stood up, held onto the railing, and started going down the stairs faster than his dad could get up them to stop him. He didn’t need to be stopped, however. He handled the stairs perfectly.

Noah is going places, and we know that nothing will stop him.

100% Included. 100% Empowered.

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