Maddox’s Story

One word to describe him: Inspiring

Maddox loves to draw and write stories. When he grows up, he wants to be an author and an illustrator. His goals is to someday have his books published.

His mom wants Maddox to be and feel included if that is what he wants, “although he is very happy being by himself.” His mom shares that he makes his own happiness.

To their family, being empowered means giving someone the authority to do something. His family tries to empower Maddox with the resources to achieve whatever he wants in life. “The sky is the limit!”

Maddox felt empowered when he began selling his artwork and received many positive responses from different people. He took that positivity and thought of others ways that he could bring happiness to people through his art. He has decided to donate half of the proceeds that he makes from selling his artwork back to Easterseals Central Illinois!

His mom shares that although Maddox often feels like he is not included, he is very content with it. She says “I wish I could be more like Maddox and not rely on others for my happiness – he is truly an inspiration!”

100% Included. 100% Empowered.

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