Sean’s Story

One word to describe him: AMAZING

Sean loves to swim, swing, draw and search for his favorite things online.  Sean also loves animals (particularly sea animals), and has several toy characters that he spends time arranging and grouping in his perfect little way.

His mom shares that her hope for Sean’s future is that he is celebrated for who he is! To their family, inclusion means that even though someone may choose not to participate, they are still invited to join in and be a part of something. For them, empowerment is being given the opportunity to learn and make choices to the best of “My Ability”.

Sean has felt empowerment at CB Smith with his amazing teacher Melanie, speech therapist Angie, and other staff, at Wilson, and while attending the Easterseals Learning Academy. Sean has been empowered to learn in his own way and be accepted for his unique differences.

His mom shares that timing is everything. “When we found out that Easterseals was opening a school in Germantown Hills, we knew it would be perfect for Sean, and perfect for our family. Had Easterseals not opened the school when they did, I’m really not sure what we would have done. We will forever be grateful!”

100% Included. 100% Empowered.

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