Lilly’s Story

One word to describe her: Amazing

Lilly is crazy fun. She loves people, and has a personality that brings energy into every room she enters. She also enjoys cooking, crafting and playing with her stuffed animals.

Lilly has every intention of being a chef when she grows up. She keeps a book of recipes, restaurant ideas, places and names for her future adventure. Her plan is to attend culinary school, and then work at a Michelin Star restaurant.

To Lilly’s family, inclusion means participation and acceptance of every goal and dream that Lilly has. Her outlook on life is rewarding all in itself. She is positive when tackling a new challenge and works hard to accomplish her priorities. For Lilly’s family, empowerment comes from being encouraged, energized, and inspired to work and ask for help knowing that there are people and organizations that are there to help. Her mom shares that “Easterseals is an outstanding resource for parents of all children.”

Lilly’s mom states that the most recent moment that Lilly felt empowered was this year’s Easterseals iCan Bike. Lilly was so proud that she could ride her own bike and beat her friend, Andrew, in a race. She is still talking about it.

Lilly has an outgoing on positive spirit that brings a smile to the face of every person she meets.

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