Team Carol’s Story

Carol is the Team Captain for Easterseals Team Carol, but more importantly, she is the grandmother of Madyson. Madyson was born 4.5 months premature and was in the NICCU for nearly five months. During that time, she underwent 11 surgeries, with the last one being a feeding tube as she never gained the swallowing technique. When she came home from the hospital, Madyson utilized the services at Easter Seals for: Physical, Occupational, Feeding and Speech Therapy.

Carol states that Easterseals was there for her family throughout their journey, and she reciprocates by being a volunteer for Easterseals and raising money so other children can have the same opportunities that Madyson did when she utilized the services at Easterseals. She now goes to Limestone High School where she utilizes the assistance she can from the programs they provide at school.

Carol shares that without Easterseals, their family has no idea where she would be today, having been told several times that Madyson would never walk, talk or crawl. Amazingly enough – she does all. While she is still working on her language, she has gained incredible skills in all of the areas once thought impossible. “Angie DeLost was Madyson’s therapist and I could never say enough kind words for her willingness to assist us in making our little miracle a dream come true.”

“I have been fundraising for 15 years to pay back to Easter Seals what they did for our family. I will continue to fundraise and do all I can for the kids as ‘No kid should ever walk alone’.”

Thank you, Carol, for your dedicated service and the love you have shown the kids and families at Easterseals.

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