Waylon’s Story

One word to describe him: Tenacious

Waylon loves everything Mickey Mouse!  His favorite character is Pete which makes sense, because like Pete, Waylon is always making mischief!  Waylon also loves to help his Daddy work on the lawn mower – he especially loves when the mower breaks because that means he gets to play with tools.  Waylon also loves to play with Mega Blocks…the higher the tower, the better!

His parents share that their dream is for Waylon to never put limitations on himself.  His mom states that “before he was born, limitations were foolishly placed on him… we hope that he will continue to break barriers and prove people wrong.”

To his family, inclusion means the immediate acceptance without hesitation or doubt in all daily activities as well as out of the ordinary situations. For them, being empowered means that “our son has the tools, resources, and support to do anything and everything.  It means that no one will place limitations on him ever again.  Empowered to us means that Waylon will be able to set and achieve goals while always having support from everyone.”

His mom shares “the moment that will always stay embedded in our hearts will be the first time Waylon walked to me (his mom) when I picked him up at daycare.  He was proudly standing in the driveway when I pulled in.  When I stepped out of the car, the determination on his face was infectious as he took his first steps into my arms.  Waylon was 18 months when he walked to me and I could feel the empowerment radiating off of him as I scooped him up from his walker.”

100% Included. 100% Empowered.

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