Victoria’s Story

One word to describe her: determined.

A lover of music and art, Victoria sees the beauty in every day. She is an active gamer, participating in Pokémon Go tournaments and competing against other players, an avid writer, and an amateur marketer.

Victoria feels her most empowered when she is independent. She works hard to be able to do things for herself without asking for help. She finds empowerment when working out, either at her local CrossFit gym or when she is physically pushing herself with her personal trainer. Victoria rises to the challenge, and faces obstacles head on.

Her dream for her future is to be self-sufficient and to have her own home and family. She sees herself being married and spending time travelling the world.

Victoria states that to her, inclusion means being involved in a group of people regardless of her physical and mental capabilities, and being seen as an equal regardless of her disability. She feels the most included when in the presence of her best friend Jeremy, who has never made her feel like a person with a disability.

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