Jett’s Story

One word to describe him: Joyful

Jett loves learning! He loves going to school, playing games, and riding his bike to the park.

His parents dream that he is able to live a full and happy life, as independently as possible. They share that Jett’s dream for himself is to be a super hero!

To their family, inclusion means being included and accepted as an individual in society without judgement and being able enjoy as much as life as possible. For them, being empowered means feeling confident in being able to seek out therapy and opportunities to help Jett be the best he can be and for him to feel confident in himself as well as pride and joy in achieving his goals.

His mom shares that “Jett is always very proud of all his achievements, big and small. Some significant achievements for Jett would be graduating from early childhood at school, graduating from Easter seals alc, potty training, the opportunity to perform at the Easter seals century ball, and every little thing in between. Heart warming moments to me are just watching Jett learn and grow every day and for him to be able to play independently and be included amongst his peers.”

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