Jessica’s Story

One word to describe her: Loving

Jessica loves to go on errands. She loves to spend time with people.  She loves singing in church choir and helping out at Sunday school.  She loves to compete in Special Olympics golf through HISRA.  Most of all, she loves going on Disney vacations and visiting her nephews in Texas.  Jessica likes to be celebrated for who she is, especially being a hard worker or good golfer.

She has a full time job at Peoria Production Shop where she has worked for 12 years.  She enjoys seeing her friends and her boyfriend Danny every day at work.  She is living the dream in the job she has now.

To Jessica and her family, inclusion is extremely important. In their school system, Jessica’s parents wanted her included in classes and activities as much as possible.  Jessica presently can do remarkable things thanks to her hard work at Easterseals and the way that emphasis was always placed and what she could do, rather than what she couldn’t.  For Jessica, empowerment stems from having the fortitude and courage to live a satisfying life while contributing to society.  She has felt empowerment many times and in many ways, from being able to walk at 2-and-a-half years old, to winning golf medals in Special Olympics.

Jessica has always lived her life with enthusiasm and fierce love for life.

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