Coulton’s Story

Coulton is an energetic ray of sunshine that never seems to run out of jumps, laughs and smiles. He loves to climb on anything he’s allowed to and loves spinning in his 360 swing. But his most favorite thing is for anyone to watch his mad skills jumping in the trampoline! He loves the color yellow and will never turn down an apple.

My husband and I want Coulton to understand just how much he is loved and that through practice and determination, he can learn how to do anything. We will be there with him, supporting, guiding and loving him as he learns to navigate the world.

Before receiving services from Easterseals, it was difficult to the extreme for Coulton to be able to communicate with us and tell us what he wants and needs. Now, nearly three years later, he has many options, from PEC’s, hand over hand and communication buttons to tell us what he needs. Meltdowns are far more rare now that we’re all learning how to understand each other.

There have been many unforgettable moments watching Coulton grow, learn and explore and it never ceases to amaze me every time I watch him grasp a new concept. When I see the comprehension in his eyes, and Josh and I know that he understands what we’re saying to him, we feel confident that he knows how much he is loved and that we’ll be there as he jumps to new heights.

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